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Eloisa Fontes
Q: is your sister "maria" Christian? congrats on her wedding anyway

no she is not, but my mom loves Mary she prays for her and stuff hence the name :) and thank you!

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indie // fashion5 reasons why you shouldn’t eat nutella :o


Berlin 1989by Greg Girard
Q: omg have u seen all the comments on the pic you posted on ig? look at you you're beautiful I hope you know that,start taking selfies more often on your phone even if you don't post them look at yourself and enjoy what you have,what you are! I might not have everything that I want but I have what I need and thats enough for me ( you should also tell yourself that!) you're amazing roch keep doing you x

Mind blowing. I couldn’t believe it, I literally got over 80 comments. I don’t like the concept of selfies tho, each days that pass I realize it makes people vain. But thank you for all you’ve said and keep up with the positive attitude that’s the right way to live. I seriously love it when you guys message me with positive things like this. I’m sending you my love 😘

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Q: hey rochh! I was wondering..which camera do you use for your ig? like the ones where you're at the beach or on selfies with your friends or just by yourself! thankss a lot x

hiiiii, I use my Iphone (5s) and the underwater pictures are taken with gopro hero3! Some picture are taken with my sister camera but I don’t know what is it (a Nikon) I hope I helped!!

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esther cañadas by gilles bensimon for elle magazine, 1998